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CAS Support & Benefits

Right Sizing AML Support - Innovation & Value
In Optima’s CAS program …

  • Clients limit their internal compliance and risk staffing requirements to senior level and support staff needed within the organization to manage corrective and other interfaces with customers
  • Rely on Optima’s CAS program to shoulder the burden of monitoring, analyzing, and risk ranking transactions and customers as well as managing dedicated staffing at significantly reduced rates within Optima’s service centers

 Bundled services include:

  • Recommendations to its customers about filing reports and complying with other legal / regulatory requirements pursuant to their regulated activities
  • Staff and Executive training support as / when and where needed
  • Continuous interface and reporting of risks and AML activities to the Company’s Compliance Committee and Compliance Officer
  • Filling of SARs / CTRs as appropriate and managing all aspects of investigations in coordination with company’s compliance leadership staff including document management
Day One Benefits

Key benefits for organizations include:

  • Significant cost reductions and control in staffing analyst functions in a Compliance department without sacrificing key AML leadership roles or oversight
  • Significant cost reductions in the deployment of AML technology solutions to meet US and international regulatory requirements
  • Program entry includes, at members discretion, deployment of Optima’s premier enterprise AML Platform, “AML Compass”, at no incremental costs allowing for an immediate reduction in third party AML technology licensing
  • Reduction of annual enterprise AML training costs as well as improved curriculums tailored to company business model, risk profile, and operating jurisdictions (i.e., reduction in annual external consulting services costs)
  • Lower maintenance costs & simplified future customization support
  • Redundant controls creating a lower operating risk profile
  • Expanded AML knowledge base by levering Optima’s global compliance analytics and regulatory expertise

AML Outsourcing Process Flow

Your Company:

  • Maintains compliance leadership roles
  • Deploys AML Compass (Full Suite for CAS or Regulatory Compass in the case of ROC)
  • Manages dedicated Optima compliance staff at service OCG center
  • Leads end customer interfacing and follow up as required (CAS)

Optima’s CAS:

  • Provides analyst staffing – ramp up/down depending on transaction volume (CAS & ROC)
  • Generates SAR/CTR Reporting (CAS)
  • Conducts investigation management (CAS)
  • Provides AML technology platform (CAS & ROC)
  • Delivers on-going enterprise level training at no incremental cost (CAS & ROC)


  • Receive AML Institutional Report Filing

Dynamic Deployment Model: Multi-Industry

Sample Deployments By Industry Type

Payment Processor/BD

Basic Services
  • AML Transaction monitoring staffing
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Case Management
  • SAR/CTRs as applicable
  • Agent controls & monitoring
Expanded Services
  • Jurisdiction risk analysis
  • Regulatory investigation support

Banking & Crypto Currency

Basic Services
  • AML transaction monitoring staffing augmentation
  • Case management support
  • Reporting support (SAR/CTR) as applicable
Expanded Services
  • Policies & Procedures review/adjustments
  • Jurisdiction risk analysis
  • Regulatory investigation support


Basic Services
  • OFAC & Sanctions list screening and case management
  • AML Staffing
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Case Management
  • SARs as applicable
Expanded Services
  • Jurisdiction risk analysis
  • Regulatory investigation support

Baseline includes AML Compass enterprise license

Services are flexible and immediately deployable according to client need regardless of industry focus

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