AML Outsourcing



Compliance as a Service ™ or CAS delivers not just systems through its AML Compass platform, but dedicated analyst staffing and a knowledge base that grows daily and more quickly than any other organization because of the broad scope of transaction and customer data over which it develops its own insights.

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Optima’s Regulatory Outsourced Compliance Services (“ROCS”) allows license holding MSBs to comply with non-AML, regulatory and reporting obligations in all states.  Managing financial, periodic, event reports becomes a cumbersome and daunting task which only becomes more so as you successfully add licenses to your services footprint.

Through the use of Optima’s proprietary Reg Compass software, and the deployment of singularly skilled staff, Optima receives all financial and regulatory data required to be reported to state regulators and generates reports that are customized to meet each state’s individual  requirements…


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Transaction Monitoring

For companies operating in high-risk jurisdictions, requiring additional on-the-job training of their compliance analysts, or simply wanting to belt and suspender their compliance analysis and control capabilities, Optima developed and implemented the first live transaction monitoring program of its kind in the United States.  Optima’s monitoring framework triangulates and applies transaction controls across all parties in a transaction including banks, financial services companies, and Optima’s monitoring center leveraging our proprietary AML Compass platform as the backbone of the structure.

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