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Optima Compass Group offers a comprehensive and specialized set of anti-money laundering and compliance consulting services all over the world to banks and financial institutions. Each of our services leverages our extensive experience in the AML and financial services and management consulting fields and incorporates industry-leading solutions that always deliver tangible value to our clients.    


Anti Money Laundering

The USA Patriot Act requires financial services providers operating and/or banking in the United States (including money transmitters) to undergo periodic independent reviews of their compliance programs to ensure they are viable, effective, and responsive to regulation requirements and control standards. Banks and other institutions demand that qualified independent reviewers conduct these audits; regulators expect that existing controls, procedures and reporting meet their defined standards.

Optima Compass Group’s auditing services meet and exceed these requirements and are designed to address the specific activity and scope of transactions of the business under review. Knowing that each client must manage a unique set of risks and business demands without sacrificing control and regulatory transparency, we never take a “one size fits all” approach. We partner with our clients to ensure they not only understand their risks, but are able to manage them in a manner which builds good regulatory relations and safeguards their client interests.

Our audits and related analysis are accepted and recognized by major banks and other institutions in the United States and abroad. We develop and issue reports within two to three weeks after completing a company review, all of which include our proprietary Compliance Performance Score (CPS) –  a simple risk measurement of where a company’s efforts are effective and/or need improvement.


Compliance Programs (Development – Restructuring – Updating)

If a Company chooses to deploy its own in-house program and staff, a sound, risk-based development and deployment strategy is the cornerstone of a good compliance program and forms the foundation the first line of defense against regulatory sanctions. Developing and implementing the right tools, standards and processes to ensure sound AML practices throughout the organization – while also supporting the growth of the business – requires specialized skills and knowledge.  And most importantly, a continues improvement mindset from advisors and consultants to ensure that compliance processes updated and aligned realignment to reflect evolving best practices and changing regulatory requirements.

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