Comprehensive Due Diligence Services

On Off-Shore & Foreign Financial Institutions

Correspondent Account and Pre-Account

Due Diligence Services


With an extensive record of conducting some of the most comprehensive Due Diligence and Enhanced Due Diligence on off-shore and Foreign Financial Institutions, Optima can be your most effective partner as you decide to accept or maintain correspondent relationships with Foreign Financial Institutions.  Through the deployment of seasoned professionals Optima’s Due Diligence and Enhanced Due Diligence reports set the standard for comprehensive, contextual and meaningful Know Your Customer (“KYC”) controls.

In addition to its substantial experience and human resources in this area, Optima leverages the use of its industry leading software, the AML Compass and the Reg Compass to ensure that our reports are the most comprehensive in the industry.  Where others are comfortable merely reviewing samples of transactions to extrapolate conclusions about the effectiveness of compliance programs, Optima examines the entire database of transactions for a defined period of time.

This allows us to determine and risk classify all transactions, clients and intermediaries in a manner that makes sense to our client in determining risks and the effective application of controls by a prospective of existing customer.  Optima’s Correspondent Account and Pre-Account Due Diligence Services are your one-stop-shop for comprehensive due diligence on foreign financial institutions.


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