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When your institution decides, or is required to undertake a Look Back Review (“LBR”) two things are critical: time and thoroughness.  The time it takes to complete an LBR may be dictated by a law enforcement or regulatory authority.  The thoroughness of your review may be the difference between no-adverse action and criminal charges. When the stakes are so high, experience in these reviews and the ability to process and present information in a synthesized manner are key.  Optima affords you the ability to conduct LBRs with expediency and efficiency.

Our experienced staff, many of whom have regulatory and legal experience, can help you navigate the LBR process.  Our use of proprietary software allows us to easily organize and present data in a manner that is not only easy to understand, but also easy to present.   With our probative analyses, clarity of findings and advanced tools that allow the critical observation of matters, Optima’s Look Back Reviews will become your most valuable asset in managing difficult times.

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