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Originally developed and implemented by Optima prior to 9/11 to provide greater regulatory transparency to members of the newly formed National Money Transmitters Association in the United States, Optima’s monitoring services and capabilities were further expanded several years ago with the launch of its ECO service concept in Latin America and the United States. Today our monitoring services provide real-time risk management and controls to financial services companies and banks domestically and internationally, and with a level of precision and accuracy unrivalled in the industry.


Optima Compass monitoring services provide full service AML and U.S. regulatory compliance solutions for non-US MSBs as defined by US regulators (broker dealers, hedge funds, etc.), with reporting and control obligations in US jurisdictions. The program combines Optima’s Compass Suite platform and its own CAMS certified compliance officers to deliver to our clients a compliant, cost-effective means for these companies to have and maintain stable bank accounts in the United States within defined FinCEN guidelines and requirements, while at the same time provide regulators and law enforcement a degree of transparency which in many cases rivals what they can obtain from US MSB operators.


Illustrative Monitoring Services Components:


  • FinCEN registration in the United States
  • Automated transaction monitoring and staffed transaction analysis to determine whether transactions comply with applicable BSA or anti-money laundering requirements
  • Generation of Suspicious Activity Reports to be filed with the Detroit Processing Center
  • Advisory services defining client risk classification, and risk assessment of transactions and entities involved in U.S. financial transactions
  • Registration of the Client with FinCEN to share information with other institutions authorized to share information under Section 314(b) of the USA Patriot Act
  • Generation and administration of reports requested or required by banks with whom the client operates
  • Preparation and/or adjustment of model anti-money laundering compliance program to
  • Implementation of the Client’s compliance program with respect to monitoring, analysis and report of transactions.
  • On behalf of the client, receive and respond to official requests for information from competent law enforcement and regulatory agencies, pursuant to established procedures
  • On-going training on AML and BSA requirements – knowledge sharing with regulators and law enforcement
  • Information on evolving issues, new rules and new legal interpretations involving AML

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